Design. Build. Launch!

What we do

One with the NET


At Oraca Limited, application development is at our core. From the first desktop based enterprise productivity tool that launched this company to the many modern day web applications enjoyed by our clients

Cloud Infrastructure

Where high availability is a must, at Oraca Limited, we leverage the best in class to deliver consistent up time for our clients. We leverage industry leading technologies at Amazon Web Services & Azure


By separating our design approach into components which can be reached independently with secure and protected web traffic, your application will have the flexibility it needs for superior support and growth

Vulnerability Testing

Regardless of any complexities, delivering your system is one thing, supporting and maintaining it is another. We are dedicated to testing the systems we build for our customers to insure data protection

Our Approach

From Zero to Done


The Discussion

Step A

A sit down, or in these days, sometimes virtual calls to understand what the customer is trying to solve


The Feedback

Step B

Get a FREE assessment about your idea. Maybe there's something out there you can use. We will let you know. Building something is costly

Planning part deux

The Iteration

Step C

Once it's clear that this is something you should build, we'll begin going over every find detail of how this application or service should behave


The Design

Step D

Once our planning stage is complete, we can now begin designing basic look and feel (L&F) of your application or behavior of services & the system in general


The Development

Step E

Here's where things get interesting. The actual development (coding) of your application or service based on the breaking down of features and importance in the planning & design stages

Development part deux

The Iteration

Step E

At a certain point as we deliver components or enable services in the development stages, we'll look for feedback on things that perhaps should change based on real world use cases & testing


The Deployment

Step F

After the many cycles of Steps E and F are completed (test, test, test), we move unto the releasing of your software or service for public or private use on your infrastructure or one of our supported

Production & Support

The Release

Step G

When development is completed, testing confirms a safe, stable and reliable software, it is now marked for release and the development phase has officially concluded. Support?


The Support

Step H

We're always available for our customers. If staffing is an issue, support is 100% guaranteed to insure your product or service is running as efficient as we both expect. Ask about our SLA